We use a range of print processes to personalise your products. These include litho printing, digital printing, screen printing.

litho print


We litho (lithographic) print the majority of our products which include note pads, sticky notes, wiro books, calendars, ncrs products.

Litho printing offers the highest quality print and is very economical on medium to long runs. We can print in single or spot colours and 4 colour process. The maximum number of colours we can print is one pass is 5 so for example we can print 4 colour process with one pantone colour.

Our presses can print on paper as thin as 70gsm to board as thick as 400gsm. We print onto uncoated paper, silk, gloss and recycled stock.

digital print


Digital printing has come a long way since our first digital machine we purchased over ten years ago.

We use digital printing for low volume, fast turnaround work or where a different image or design is required on each sheet.

If you want to order 100 covered note pads with 100 different designs then digital is the perfect option.

Our digital presses print onto paper from 70gsm through to 350gsm board.

screen print


Our screen printing is used for printing onto polypropylene or recycled board. We can print in spot colours or UV print in 4 colour process.

Anything than cannot be printed through our digital or litho press is screen printed.

need more information?


If you have any queries about our print processes or require any further information then please contact us.