Whilst we have many fonts on our system there are always orders that contain unusual or bespoke fonts that we do have. In this instance the artwork will not display correctly. Please can you include your fonts with your artwork or convert the text to outlines to make the file non font dependant. If you are using common fonts such as Arial, Calbri, Time New Roman this process is not necessary.



Bleed is the area of print that goes beyond the trim marks. This allows us to cut the artwork back to the correct size if your design bleeds off the sheet. We require 3mm bleed on artwork. Certain products require additional bleed such as wrap over note pads. You can find out how much bleed you need to add by downloading the product template or contact us if you are unsure.

File Types


Our preference is a press ready PDF file with 3mm bleed and text converted to outlines. Don't worry if you can't supply it in this format. We can also accept your file in word, jpeg, or tiff. Please note some formats may take longer to process if we have to convert the file type.

Colour Mode- CMYKorRGB?


Our code mode is CMYK. For spot colour work we use the pantone colour system. If artwork is supplied in RGB this will be converted to CMYK or a pantone colour.

Some programs run in RGB such as word or publisher. Other programs such as Illustrator or In-Design have the option of RGB or CMYK. Always select CMYK and if working in just one colour select the required pantone colour.



When supplying images, artwork or photographs please ensure the resolution is a 300dpi.